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Default All Sort of Weirdness

First off, I'm running Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.12.0 on MBP 15,1 on High Sierra 10.13.6. Pro Tools was updated from 2018.8.0 during these issues and nothing changed. I know none of these versions are perfect, but this setup has worked fine until the last month or two.

Some examples of issues:

- I edited together a piece for radio broadcast over the course of most of a day and nothing saved. Over the last 18 years I've developed a habit (neurosis) of saving in between every edit. As such I find it hard to believe I didn't save at all over the whole day?! I should also say when I loaded the session the next day I did so from the Open Recent menu.

- Plug-ins go wonky. One example, I have an instance of Vintage Verb on an aux in this particular session. It behaves differently each time I open the session. The worst is when it sounds like there is a delay (with healthy feedback) inserted before the verb - it also sounds slightly distorted. Ok, so save the setting to a preset, delete the aux track, and insert on a new aux. Settings don't sound the same, not even close! Sometimes it just loads this way (without the delay and distortion, but nothing sounds correct.) This has happened to different plug-ins over many sessions.

- Trimming a clip results in the clip looking trimmed, but not sounding trimmed! Pretty self-explanatory, I trim a clip to remove audio - even pull it way back as an experiment - and the "removed" audio still sounds! This happens irregularly, over random sessions.

- Using RX Connect to send audio to the stand-alone app results in an incorrect selection being sent. I've discussed this with iZotope at length and the feeling is it isn't RX and is probably a PT issue. This constantly sends a selection that is longer than the actual selection I've made. To get around this I thought I would just manually export the selection, import to RX, process, re-import to PT, line it up and all is good! Well, not so! It does export the correct length this way, RX processes it fine, sounds good in Finder, importing sounds good on its initial track, but when I move it to the actual track it sounds like no processing has been applied.

Anyway, etc, etc, etc...

So what is it? Is Avid pissed that I haven't upgraded? Have I finally had it with Pro Tools? Is it the OS? Have I had it with Apple? I do have the dreaded butterfly keyboard adding as many spaces as it wants. This all is making me go a bit bonkers.

Thanks for reading!
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