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Default Re: D-Command quick assign default eq/dynamics

Originally Posted by rmccam View Post
Hey Led,

This sort of touches on one of my questions (I'm about to buy a D-Command myself): I know that you can custom map plugins across the channel strips but I'm assuming the actual dynamics and EQ sections in the "master" section of the console can be used to map non-Avid plugins, right?

I primarily use McDSP Channel G and would love for it to map there as opposed to across the channel strips.

Longtime D-Command user here. Most eq and dynamics, map really well to the dedicated eq and dynamics section of the D-Command. Any track that is focused will present whatever eq/dyn you have on that track to the dedicated EQ/dyn controls. If you have more than 1 eq or comp you can toggle through them. Its so great and so easy!

The McDSP Channel G was specifically designed to integrate easily with the Icon controllers and it works like a charm! I've done plenty of mixes with all tracks populated with Channel G and then you just mix like a console! With Channel G Compact not only do the parameters map perfectly but the knobs on the plugin UI are located in the same physical location as the D-Command.

Most other channel strips map predictably and well, as do most eqs and comps. I use all three BX-Consoles the same way as Channel G, and you don't have to think about which tool to choose, you just mix.

In addition you can display eq/dyn parameters on the rotary encoders in each channel strip and page through parameters 2 rows at a time, and you can also set the D-Command to show GR meters on the channel when you have comp parameters on the rotary encoders. So you could set up the console to have rotary encoders on multiple track all controlling the threshold and have GR meters displayed. Because any parameter assigned to the rotary encoders can be flipped to faders, you can adjust multiple channel comp thresholds super fast using faders.

You get the picture. The D-Command is a sweet console and the prices are dropping fast.
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