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Default Re: Optimizing pro tools for PC

Originally Posted by Cglass1982 View Post
Could anyone please tell me how to increase CPU usage for optimization?

I found some info explaining how to do it on a mac (which is in the playback engine window), but the option for CPU usage isn't in the playback engine window when using a PC.

Also, is there anything else I can do to optimize my PC for pro tools?

So far I have selected 6 out of 8 processors for pro tools use only. (in task manager>processes>affinity)

I have increased RAM usage in the playback engine window to 3GB (possible max choice is 4GB. My machine is 8GB Ram).

I have changed pro tools priority in task manager>processes>priority to high.

The problem with these tweaks is that I have to repeat the process each time I boot up pro tools. Is there any way I can save the tweaks?
As The Week asked what exact version of Pro Tools are you running?

What actual problem do you have that you are trying to solve. e.g. Pro Tools crashing with what exact error message?

Why are you trying to mess with processor affinity settings. You should likely be leaving all this alone. You may be getting yourself confused by looking at info on old Pro Tools playback engine settings, where this could be important. I'm also going to guess you don't even have 8 actual CPU cores in your PC, even more reason to leave this stuff alone.

What you need to do is make sure you PC meets minimal system requirements or better, and is fully optimized. .. the link Mr. Weed gave you alread.

What "RAM" setting are you changing.. you mean Disk Cache, you may not have enough RAM to have any Pro Tools disk cache. Disk Cache only affects IO performance, Pro Tools is low on memory increasing that will make things worse.. What disk are you using for audio/session? Again, I wonder if you may be confusing settings in old versions of Pro Tools with stuff here. Stop reading that if you are and just work though the systems optimization stuff for the correct version of Pro Tools you are using.

Post a SiSoft Sandra report for you PC. See how under "Help Us help You" up the top of each DUC web page, and run that report with all your drives attached, and indicate what drives are audio/sessions and which drive you have VI samples stored on.
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