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Default Optimizing pro tools for PC

Could anyone please tell me how to increase CPU usage for optimization?

I found some info explaining how to do it on a mac (which is in the playback engine window), but the option for CPU usage isn't in the playback engine window when using a PC.

Also, is there anything else I can do to optimize my PC for pro tools?

So far I have selected 6 out of 8 processors for pro tools use only. (in task manager>processes>affinity)

I have increased RAM usage in the playback engine window to 3GB (possible max choice is 4GB. My machine is 8GB Ram).

I have changed pro tools priority in task manager>processes>priority to high.

The problem with these tweaks is that I have to repeat the process each time I boot up pro tools. Is there any way I can save the tweaks?
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