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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019.10 Discussion

Originally Posted by TOM@METRO View Post
Working well here. How about you?
Installation error, via Avid Link I only can install that HD driver, but not PT 2019.10. It just won't work.
I downloaded the installer from my Master Account and tried there.
Here's the screenshot that pops up at the end of installing:
The text says:
"Data bank: Transformation: One line does not
exist and cannot be updated. Table:
And oops, when closing the installer, there's a socond message, screenshot here:
Text says:
"File save path not created. For the entry
system folder 'Directory table' no path
And I have collected screenshots of the 2 error messages that opo up after trying to launch PT now.
Now, what must I do to get PT properly installed, please?
I'd hate, after paying so much for it, to cancel the subscription and delete everything.
And where can I attach the screenshots here? I don't have a website just to upload images to link them to this board.
Ok, ok, GoogleDrive.
System configuration:
NEW: Windows 10 home, [Version 1903, SysBuild 18362.449, 64bit], 16 GB RAM [1600 KHz]
C:\ = SSD 1 TB, E:\HDD 1 TB @ 7200 rpm, Intel I5 quadcore...
[And Sibelius Ultimate 2019.9]
I received a reply message, when clicking on the link I do not find it, but the text said something like
with Win 10 1903 some seem to have issues.
So I might just look forward to the next big update that's scheduled for Tue., Nov. 12th, and put it aside for now?
And as it happens, I recall that some earlier posts of mine had been deleted by admins because they were "in the wrong place":
Please kindly first reply to me and ask me to post it at the appropriate place so you can delete it afterwards. Itis not fun collecting all those messages and things and get the text posted. I'd prefer to run PT rather...

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