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Default Re: Defaults for new session dialog?

Originally Posted by Matthew Steel View Post
Is there a way to specify the default settings (sample/bit rate, I/O setup, etc) for the New Session dialog?

It seems that the defaults are whatever was last used. Usually this is OK, but sometimes we'll open a session from somewhere else, or use a different sample rate than we normally use. Then if "somebody" blindly clicks OK without perusing the settings then it causes grief. I'd like to set a default sample rate, bit depth, or at least have my "Standard Settings" to be the default I/O Setup if there is a way.

(BTW we are still on 7.3 on 10.4 on a Dual G5 Power Mac)
Read about Templates in the Manual. You can make your own and have PT start up with the Templates window showing all you self made starting points.

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