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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by jsvalmont View Post
Devils advocate here: To be fair to PA, the price of their subscription is on par or lower than Slate but with way more plugins, most of which are AAX DSP supported. They also add new products and Alliance partner brands at an incredible rate that far outpaces Slate. I think they actually rolled it out kinda smartly in how they released 6 really desirable plugins simultaneously which provided value to the subscription option for every PA user regardless of how many plugins they already had.
It's not so much the price of the subscription that's the issue here. Those 6 new plugins are priced so that PA is pushing people towards subscriptions and not buying individual plugins and owning them forever. That's but part of the issue. Look at those prices and if you're a 'heavy hitter' in PA's parlance where you are supposed to get an even better discount and you'll see the intro prices are nowheres near as low as they used to be for new plugins. To know this you have to have history with PA. If you're new to their ecosystem then what they're doing might seem okay to you.

If you buy marketing BS then it'll seem okay do you. What PA did is no 'best deal ever' as they said in their emails. A lot of the sourness over this new system has to do with the rollout and their 'new, lower pricing' as Dirk talked about in one of their emails. It's like the old TV pitchman Crazy Eddie would say in his commercials: "Our prices are INSANE!!!!!!!' Tjhose outside the Northeast US might not know about him - make Google your friend to find out more.

Yeah PA will still offer plugins where you own them forever but for how long? Subscriptions suck.
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