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Default Re: audio routing with 2 different people on a song

Thank you guys!! The trying to keep it on one track as much as possible seems more suffienct to me, thanks for the responses. I'm trying to record and mix everything myself now, it's taking me away from writing and recording alot more than I wanted, but I'm trying to be as self sufficient as possible. Mostly I keep running into issues during the mixing phase, I'm getting pretty decent at eq on vocals I must say, but recording levels and getting things to set in the beat is a little problematic for me. Even with levels at or around -6 they still sound too loud or too low, vocals might sound drowned out, or too loud over the beat(sometimes dry, or even after some effects) and trying to mix stacks in some of these hooks as far as delay and reverb goes. I do hip hop. I haven't tried to record anything SUPER ambitious in the terms of hooks, but in regards of effects etc something like school boy Q's hook on "gangsta" or the sound on his hook for "F LA"

I get so into writing and envisioning the sound I need, but having so much trouble executing it lol. It kicks my writer/rapper pride right between the legs lol. Or some of eminems bridges/Hooks or kendrick. I can write and perform the things I need, but I have a hard time figuring out what I need reverb, delay, and how to mix the stacks. I'll end up spending 3 hours messing with 2 effects smh lol
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