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Default Re: The Tea Room..!!

'afternoon fellas,

slow weekend in the Tea Room eh? anything but slow on this end, my bro finally tied the knot on Sat. and we spent all day at the wedding and festivities... Lets just say I made the most of the free bar.... Sunday, was supposed to do another drum session, but the drummer was sick and I re-vamped the song list anyhow so my wife and I spent most of yesterday packing up stuff in the appartment for the move which is about a week off now... I took down all my acoustic baffling and what not in the studio and was freaking out about how much natural 'verb was floating around in there after everything came down... sounds like a great hall in there now.. this week brings more working and packing and what not. Hope everyone is doing cool.

btw... here's a theory... KoldBludded = KB = Killer Boy Dog?!?!?? am I correct??
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