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Default Re: Soundfield Mic System

Hi Zumwalt,

There is a free program called Virtual Mic which you can play with. It has its usefulness.

Thomas Chen does a format called B+ He uses the SF BFormat and two stereo "spotters" to combine into a surround (5.1 up to 22.x ambisonic surround) decode. His program costs about $500USD and only runs on the Creamware platform.

Nuendo has a plugin (free, someone else wrote it) also but I haven't had much success with it.

I have to say that none of the products I have used have actually been as good as the SP451 (SoundField decoder). I own one becasue it sounded best.

I believe a number of people are working on software decoders. Soundfield are well aware that many people would like a plugin to do this decoding. They hinted to me that there are good things on the horizon. Probably in twelve months we'll have a number of choices according to our budgets.

I guess that as they now sell the 922 mic with B-Format output from the pre/box, things may be hotting up. I would also like to see the MarkV box features also go "software".

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