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Default Removing Plugins

Ok, I read the PDF, and I've done a search here. So, forgive me if this has been answered.

When I start up PTLE (6.2.2) I get notifications that "DFX Chorus" and "DigiTranslator" have expired.

How do I get rid of them?

According to the PlugIns Guide for Macintosh OS X : To remove an expired plug-in:
1) Open the DAE folder (Library/ Application Support/ Digidesign/ DAE) on your Startup drive.
2) Open the Plug-Ins folder or Plug-Ins (Unused) folder and drag the expired plug-in to the Trash.
3) Empty the Trash.

I have no DAE folder in the Digidesign folder (or anywhere on any of my drives). And Finder searches for those items come up empty.

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