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Default Tracking & Latency

There was a time when I though I knew everything about latency....
But now I'm getting really fustrated ... so maybe there's something I'm missing.
A couple of days ago I've been tracking.. I keep tracking very nice and tidy, minimalist, as budgets down here are terrible so you better be as quick as you can, while keeping things flowing and sounding as good as you can while running as hell.
But this time I'd liked to "try" a few parallels.... I've sent an Aux to a "Drums Crush" Aux return on Protools HD 12 (I don't remember the exact version number), and put Plugin Alliance Analog Devices Black Box on it (DSP Plugin), but it gave be phasing. Just a little but it was phasey. Tried everithing DSP (there's really not that much to choose to be honest). And everything sounded the same.
Tried with delay compensation on... Delay compensation off...
This rig has a Prism ADA-8XR and an Apogee Symphony as I/O.
Tried to do send only on Prism fed channels, on Sympony fed channels....
Results were always the same.
Is it just the way it is or is there's something I'm doing wrong???