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Default Pro Tools/Logic conflict

hello all! I would appreciate some help if anyone has any suggestions. I have an Intel based Toshiba laptop with XP Pro (SP1). Yesterday I upgraded from PTLE 6.1.1 to 6.4. Everything PT related works fine before and after the upgrade. My problem is with Logic Platinum 5.30 which I also have installed on this computer and prefer to use for sequencing. With PT 6.1.1. I could use the ASIO driver to run the MBox with Logic. Now Logic crashes on startup whenever any audio driver (other then intel integrated wave driver) is selected. Rolling back only the ASIO driver to 6.1.1 didn't help. I also reinstalled Pro Tools (both versions) and Logic and even used system recovery to go back to a time when they would work together. Also didn't work. At bit at my wits end, I would appreciate any tips anyone might have.

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