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Default Re: Pt9 & uad2 :-/

I was having some trouble myself with instant CPU error msgs, until I found the sweet spot w/ settings it seems:

Comp Note: Win7 x64; i7 2.93GHz; 12GB Mem
PT Note: Presonus FireStudio Mobile; 88.2 KHz; 24-bit

- 2048 buffer
- PT disk buffer settings (level 4; large)
- delay comp: long
- cpu 95%
- Proc #: 6 of 8

I was able to run 20 tracks (6 aud stereo; 12 aud mono; 2 aux stereo); 100+ native plugs; 95% of UAD-2 Quad usage (tested w/ 4K chans; Fatso; Manley MP; EMT 250/140; DimD; 1176LN; 33609; 1073; LA2A)

All in all, I think I found the right settings to keep me happy. Sessions run beautifully and bounce to disk works fine. Might want to give those a shot.
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