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NO fix for you. But just confirmation of someone else not having good luck at all with a UAD2 (quad) with PT9 on a PC! I have an i7, 6 gig ram, Windows 7 64 bit. Runs great with a UAD2 quad with both Sonar, Reaper, and Soundforge. Reaper can go as quick as 48 samples with the UAD2, at close to full processing power on the UAD2.

But with PT9>

UAD2 only works at 1024 samples, and isn't even reliable there. It can sometimes lock up, and at the same time corrupt the session to were it will no longer open. Even if it can be made reliable, a 1024 buffer means you can max out the allowable ADC with just 3 UAD plugins on a channel.

Also, another oddity on my system is conflicts with my other DAW. For some reason running PT9 causes Reaper to then be non functional. Reaper will play, but once you touch a track lane it will start to flicker wildy and lock the program. An uninstall of PT9 won't fix it, a reinstall of Reaper won't fix it. However rolling Windows back with the restore function to a point before actually running PT9 will fix it. I've been able to repeat this. If I get it cleaned up and totally uninstalled/restored then I can actually install PT9 and Reaper will be unaffected, but once PT9 is opened up one time Reaper's function is then permanently corrupted again.
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