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Default Re: S1 / Control App - new setup every day...

Hi keram.

I can't speak to your problems losing xml config files. ( I'm using the S1 with ProTools and Logic Pro.) But, I had similar frustrations with EuControl recognizing and connecting with my S1. No problems staying connected with Avid Control & the iPad... just the S1. My thoughts exactly: this constant switching on & off can't be "normal" workflow! It took a while to sort things out.

First, be sure you have the latest version of EuControl installed.

Then, apply any firmware updates to your S1. You have to get EuControl to see the S1 first, of course. Add the device. Click the device name in the right pane - and Update Firmware button below will become active. If your S1 is up-to-date, it will let you know.

BTW - I think I also tried adding my iPad as a device first; then, the S1. I found that the S1 should be added first - then you can drag-n-drop the iPad from the left pane RIGHT ONTO the S1 device name in the right pane. Then, they are seen as 1 device.

All that said, I've found that the Mac must be started first - and EuControl must fully load (icon appears grayed in menubar). THEN, you can switch on the S1. If you've previously paired the two, the EuControl icon should turn fully black once the S1 completes initialization - indicating that communication has been established. The words AVID will also be replaced by rectangular boxes on the OLED displays.

FWIW, since I have several extensions that follow loading of EuControl (i.e. Avid Link, Drive Genius, etc.), I also make it a practice to choose "Restart All Eucon Apps" after the Mac has completed startup - and before I switch on the S1. I can't prove that it makes a difference, but it seems more stable to me when EuControl is forced to load AFTER all other extensions - rather than at the front.

Lastly, in the EuControl settings, under the Assign tab, I lock settings to application. This keeps EuControl from losing its "focus" when I go into the Finder for non-DAW functions.

Now, my S1 & EuControl remain in communication with ProTools most of the day. If EuControl goes dim, then you have to switch the S1 off/on to reconnect. The next firmware update should alleviate some of the connection headaches.

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