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Default Re: Charged for something I did not buy

Thanks, Jeffro, but in my account, it says our card is billed for 1 subscription, and our card was charged 250 SEK last month.
I did not buy that subscription. I might have activated one of the plugin bundles under products not yet downloaded because I assumed it was included in our Ultimate plan. Then we got charged for it. Can you please remove all the complete plugin bundles except the one that is included with Ultimate, that's already on our Studio Alpha iLok. If Avid adds stuff to the account you assume it's included. Now there is one on our iLok account that's not on any iLok dongle. Don't want it. I have a case open, and for 4 weeks I keep getting the same response, that I bought it from a reseller. I did not buy anything.
Avid charged our card for a subscription. Spent several hours back and forth with the support case. People don't answer my questions or try to solve it. The support sucks.

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