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Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post

I read somewhere that in Console mixer only 1 shark processor is used per track allowing for maybe 2 or 3 larger CPU use plugins like a Unison and a few of the mid size plugins ... is this right or do I have damaged units here??

If thats the function of the Console then why is the limit soo poor when the new HEXA X8 processors are supposed to be 50% more power on them?
Yes, each Console input is limited to 1 chip. Apollo X didn't change this. Hexa just refers to it having 6 chips. (Solo, Duo, Quad, Hexa, Octo), these aren't different chips.

You can "double" the DSP by routing your signal to an Aux and adding more plugins there. This signal can then be recorded in the DAW.

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