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Default Re: Thunderbolt 3

Sorry if this is a bit hijacking but seeing this is a T3 thread I need some advice from you guys and hopefully UA can chime in aswell:

Have 1 Apolld X8 and a Twin MK2 and an Satellite Quad in a thunderbolt chain here at home. We have 2 X8P and 1 Apollo X16 and 1 Satellite Octo in the studio but haven’t tested this issue there yet.

So I have two of the Apple thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapters from the X8 as the Twin doesn’t have two ports so the chain is done so the X8 is run into the Mac Pro late 2013 and the Twin into the Satellite and the Satellite into the X8.

When using the Console 2 mixer I can only get :

Fender Tweed in unison mode
EMT 250
Pultec EQ1A

And then ”maybe” one more low CPU plugin on one track in the Console 2 mixer before we get a error disabling one or more plugins with the error - PGM/MEM or running out of processor power which would be an impossible situation with all those Shark and HEXA processors so whats up with that !?

I read somewhere that in Console mixer only 1 shark processor is used per track allowing for maybe 2 or 3 larger CPU use plugins like a Unison and a few of the mid size plugins ... is this right or do I have damaged units here??

If thats the function of the Console then why is the limit soo poor when the new HEXA X8 processors are supposed to be 50% more power on them?

How does the Console choose which processor is used as if it uses the older Shark processors from the Twin Duo or Satellite Octo or the new Hexa processors fro the X8 on the 4 Preamp tracks first?

Can anyone please explain this as I was a 12 yo boy and if anyone has the new X8 or X6 and a Satellite box and or a Apollo Twin Duo on the same setup who can test this I would be very very greatful
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