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Default Re: Can't import audio (Assertion Error Line 559) with Pro Tools 11 on El Capitan/lat

Originally Posted by Table Syrup Records View Post
I need to update my Sig. I'm on Sierra in there now. Still on PT11

I wanted / needed a newer OS for some other softwares. I didn't want to do a dual boot - so I'm just dealing with it by drag and drop audio, and I just do SRC in DSP Quattro if needed in advance - which we've all known of since day 1.

Anyway. I see other people who aren't having that issue. So, I'd like to figure it out.

I've also sold all my Avid hardware in favor of Waves SoundGrid and DiGiGrid hardware. Haven't looked back.

I HATE AVID's model and policies. I'll never own their hardware again, and it sucks that I'm sorta forced into their software, but it is what it is - I just wish the price structure was more realistic (For HD).
Several months on now and I'm wondering if your system(s) are still configured like you talk about with PT11.x on Sierra. Like you due to several other pieces of s/w that want a higher than OSX 10.10.5 I'm looking at Sierra and specifically 10.12.6. The reason for that particular version is that's what I grabbed off Apple's servers before High Sierra dropped. Right now I'm doing a dual boot system with OSX 10.10.5 on my cheesegrater's pcie mounted ssd and Sierra on a spinner in a drive bay. I want to stay this way until I have a solid enough system with whatever known issues before I muck with splitting the ssd into two partitions.

Have you found any other issues than the import audio bit? Drag and drop for me isn't a problem. BTW I'm running PT11.3.2 here.
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