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Default Re: Editing on another computer

Originally Posted by Guitarman002 View Post
I would like to know if I can do editing on a laptop away from my main Mac Pro setup which is connected to HD Native, Eleven Rack and an external SSD which has my Komplete 11 libraries. If I create a song on my Mac Pro with all of the peripherals can I do some editing to "clean up" a composition on a laptop not connected to all of the peripherals without having problems?

I'm considering a MacBook Pro just for that purpose but would like to know the details before I purchase. I'm hoping that all I need to carry over to the laptop for editing is the iLok dongle and a copy of the song. Thanks in advance for comments and input.
Yeah I do this all the time. I have a portable “work” drive which is a mirror of the “work” drive on my main computer. As long as you remember your iloks and make sure your software is as near as dammit you shouldn’t have any problems.
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