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Default Bounce to Disk issues and bounce to direct show error.

I could use some advice or suggestions.
I am running Protools 10.0.0 on an HPZ400.
In the first case I have imported a .wmv video with audio. It seems to import fine. I can process and sweeten audio as needed. But when it is time to export/bounce back into a final .wmv file I have two issues.

First: When bouncing direct to disk, I end up with a .wma (Audio only – no video) even though I am selecting the windows media option? Any suggestions? I am only bouncing a single stereo audio track with the imported video.

Second: When I bounce using the direct show option, it gets all the way through the processing then spits out the following error. “Could not complete the Bounce to Disk command because Access Violation occurred, unable to read location: 0x00000004.
Can anyone clue me in as to why I am getting this error?

I just want to render my work!!
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