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Default Re: Pro Tools Express unable to locate Mbox Mini at startup

Thanks... That did the trick. Much appreciated.

Now I'm finding...

In the old LE 8.0.3 I used the iLok mp3 license to bounce files from wave to MP3. I've transferred that license to my new iLok for Pro Tools Express but no MP3 bounce option appears when I try to bounce it? Does Pro Tools Express not support MP3 conversions?

Also... my gen 2 Mbox is not recognized by Pro Tools Express. I'd hoped to use the gen 2 Mbox and the gen 3 Mbox Mini at different locations. Is there a driver work around or do I have to upgrade to Pro Tools 10 to use both Mboxes and MP3 convert?


Originally Posted by Final Lap Guy View Post
You'll need the latest drivers for 10.7.4
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