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Default Blue Cat Protector 2.2 update

Looks like I beat the Blue Cat guys to the punch - Protector which is there limiter plugin has an update to 2.2. Major gui change to look like their other plugins, lots of functional changes. And in honor of this they're having what they call 'dynamics month' where they have some steep discounts on their dynamics plugins: Dynamics 4, MB-5 Dynamix and the Energy Pack bundle.

They also mention if you own any of those plugins you get a better discount than if you don't and that details are coming in an email. As a service (and I don't think they'll mind my saying this) if you do own some of their other dynamics plugins click on the link for said plugin that you would to download your licensed version from. When you get to that page which for this example would be for Dynamics 4 you'll see links for the other dynamics plugins and the price you'll see will be cheaper. For me if I were to get MB5 it comes out $10 cheaper. Some of you may have gotten emails from Don't Crack in which they mention their compression month - their prices at least for the Blue Cat stuff is higher.

While I'm on a Blue Cat kick if you have say Axiom go to the download page where you d/l your licensed version and you should see crossgrade prices for Late Replies, Destructor, Patchworks and Re-Guitar. If I wanted I could get standalone Late Replies for $39.

All prices are in US dollars and I don't know how long these deals last. I'm looking at MB5.
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