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Default Calibrate 002 monitor outs to console ctrl room...?

I want to integrate a console with my Digi 002 rack. I have everything mapped out so far (patchbay, converters, I/O, ect). The one thing that remains is the monitor outputs on the 002 rack. Essentially, I want to use the jacks to feed the console's control room volume knob & forget about the volume knob on the front of the Digi rack. Maybe it's a long shot but, is there any way to bypass this? Or, should I try calibrating the 002 output volume to the console? If this would be the case, what would be the correct way of doing so? I'm guessing by using pink noise.....unsure from there on. My reasoning is that I want to tuck the 002 in the corner of the room, use it only for I/O, and forget about it. Can anyone pick up on what I'm puttin' down? Am I missing anything? All thoughts on this matter would be extremely helpful.

Digi 002 rack/rosetta 800
Allen & Heath ML3000
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