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Default Re: Avid much control?

Can I edit audio tracks like performing cut, copy, paste, etc? Does this apply to midi tracks?

As far software instruments, can those be there controlles from the Dock?
Yes, yes, yes.

There are extensive editing functions in the soft keys of the Dock. For some sophisticated editing functions, the Dock is faster than the mouse, and at other times the mouse is faster. For mixing, the Dock is hands down faster in every way.

I suggest you download Avid Control to a compatible tablet and take a look at the Soft Keys pages for all the functions. Everyone who uses Pro Tools should do this, since it's free from Avid and it runs well on cheap tablets. Try that out, and if you like it, you'll love the Dock, since all the functionality of Avid Control and a lot more is spread out on the hardware.
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