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Default Re: Distortion Sound on Pro Tools 12?

Originally Posted by White Fire Sky View Post
I just wanted to let you know that this definitely worked. When the noise appears I change the buffer size - any direction - and it goes away.

I can't believe it is fixable so quickly - it pained me for months!

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. It is much appreciated!

I have been having a distortion problem that occurs only sometimes. I plan to try your solution. I had been thinking it was happening cuz I have been recording at 192 kHz and had never used that before getting P T 12 a month ago.

My solution has been to patch record the distorted spots (it happened spottily through a seven minute song) and I had primarily blamed/changed poorly planned automation on pitch shift and reverb plugins.

When I patch recorded the stretches with distortion I had to record and undo several times before I got a take with no distortion. The clear sound of the Drums made it obvious when I had a good take. At which point I had to drag the ends to some good overlap and finally when all patches were done, consolidate.

This was effective but time imperfect.

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