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Default PC Eucon...which fonts actually work?

Hi Guys,

Running Eucon 3.01 on my pc with the following specs:
Main machine, intel i7 Harpertown 3,4 ghz sixcore with 32gb, Windows 7 x64 and running Nuendo 6.06 x64, Eucon 3.01, MC Artist

I used to run Eucon on the Mac, as it seems the UI on the touchscreen is much clearer when running it from a mac. There also seem to be a lot more font options. Unfortunately I've had to revert to using Eucon on my PC, and the differences are pretty major.

So far I've not been able to figure out what fonts actually work, other than Arial and Segoe UI.
The font selector offers up the entire font collection on my system, but very few seem to work or make any difference on the actual MC Artist Screen.
Is there a list of fonts that actually work?



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