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Default Re: Scorch 1.2 closes

Hi Fraser,

Thanks for posting the file. I can't get any strange issues with your score by simply transposing it (by key) and playing it back in Music Stand mode. I've tried a few combinations and it seems to behave normally. You mention the instrument names appear on the left of the staves - this really shouldn't happen when transposing as the trigger to show the names is part of the House Style and not something transposition should touch.

The pitch of some notes starts to get out of sync when transposing by interval by choosing lots of different intervals in quick succession. I'll pass this on to the Testing team to check out for a future update.

The only thing I did see that may cause confusion is the 'Restore defaults' button at the bottom of the Transpose pop-up. This resets it back to the original key but could well not be the right octave. To really restore the file back to its original, return to 'My Scores', single tap on a score and choose 'Remove my changes'. This reloads the original Sibelius score and you'll be back to the right key.

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