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Default Re: Scorch 1.2 closes

Hi Sam, I select one of my files, open it, select score and select change instrument. Change the instrument. Then go into music stand view. Drag fingers down to start it playing. Stop it and return to normal view. The moment I go to my scores to select a new score, scorch closes. It is the act of playing a file in music stand view once the instrument has been changed that causes the problem. Playing the new instrument in normal view is fine and just viewing a score in music stand view where the instrument has been changed is fine. I have been switching to piano and accordion but the instrument changed to doesn't appear to have any effect. Playing original instrument in music stand mode is fine. It also doesn't matter if I am working in shelf or list view. More than half of my files are original G7 (sib 3 or 4?) ones before I reformatted them in Sibelius 7 to decrease margin and PDF them.

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