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Default Re: Time and Date not right

Originally Posted by Music 101 View Post
Thanks Dave do that problem make it hard for the system to find files because now some of my ptf session files cannot be found!
Zapping the PRAM may not help relocate session files, but may help fix the date and time problem. Here's a link from Apple regarding how to do this, and what zapping the PRAM effects:

Before you zap the PRAM, check to see if other applications are saving files with the correct date and time. If so, the problem may be specific to PTLE. If all apps are saving with the wrong date and time, you have a system issue and need to address that. Regardless, its probably worth doing some basic Mac maintenance (rebuild directory, repair permissions, check hard drives, etc.).

Be sure to review the trouble shooting guidelines from Avid:

PTLE tends to be very demanding on host computers, so you have to follow Avid's guidelines and system configurations closely.
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