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Default Help? sudden error repeats: "access violation occurred"

Hello again, I've been using everything inc. PTools Mpowered 7.4cs8 just fine, my system is tip top (and kept that way), and all of a sudden I'm getting the same error over and over upon launching PT 7.4cs

When it stops with the error it's always hanging upon plugin read of "Normalize-Gain Change.dpm" ...(could this be the problem? I believe it's one of the digi plug-ins)

Error pop-up msg is:
Could not complete your request because Access violation occurred".

...only choice is to hit "ok"

I've tried everything in the General Troubleshooting sticky

Nothing - same error. All other apps (audio, everything) work fine.

The only thing I did was add 2 more gigs of ram (the exact same ram/brand/timings btw - now making it 4gigs of ram on this system). Nothing else changed with my system.

There's no code with the error, it's just a pop up and PT7.4cs8 sits there, idle (not closing or moving forward).

Any help please? It's strange that only pro tools is the problem right now.
I'm not very happy with this.

Do you think I could try and resolve by re-installing the cs8 update?
or am I looking at a re-install (which probably will show the same error again and again).

What am I looking at here? a complete reinstall?

System: (is fine - tip top)

Win XP pro sp2
AMD athlon X2 4400+ dual core
gigabyte k8ns ultra 939
4 gigs gskill dual-ch mem
2 large ide
1 sony dvd-rw dual layer
3 large sata hd's
2 delta 1010's (rackmounts - not LT vers)
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