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Default Re: Where is MBOX-2 Control Panel (Win 10)

Originally Posted by Xorcist View Post
Having an issue with the MBOX-2 and Windows 10 running OBS. Half the time there is a nasty clicking/crackling happening in the audio path when OBS is run with video sources and there is no rhyme or reason anywhere else (sample rates in windows/OBS are all the same, etc).

Half the time it works (fresh boot, but not always) but the one factor here missing is that there is no control panel for the MBOX-2 and I suspect the sample rate is getting jacked up. I am using S/PDIF in and out on the box but again, no way to actually control it -

Is there a way to get an active control panel up so I can play with the settings in the box?
You might be able to change it in the advanced settings of the good ol windows sound control panel(go to Sound and in upper right corner of page is the link to the old Sound Control Panel).

In Win7 the mbox control panels can usually be accessed thru the system control panels window. In win10 i would check in Apps and Features and if it's not there go to the Programs and features(link at the right again) and see if it's there.
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