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Default Re: Glitch when bouncing multiple mono tracks?

Originally Posted by LAlexander View Post
I'm looking to bounce track stems as mono. When I right click an individual track to bounce it I get the option for Mono (summed) - great, however if I try to do-to-all for all of my tracks the option no longer appears.

The only solution so far has been to bounce each track individually which as you can imagine is not ideal and is frankly a waste of time when this should be a basic feature.

How are you all bouncing mono stems?
Hi, this feature is not available on Pro Tools First. You can check for more info. Track Freeze, Commit, and Bounce... Only track freeze is available on Pro Tools First.
A workaround is to run the Pro Tools Ultimate trial, convert your Project in to session, then do the multiple track bounce.

Hope this helps
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