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Default Re: What computer to buy for Pro Tools in 2019?

Originally Posted by anguswoodhead View Post
Hi gang
Iím out of touch with computers.
Currently on a 2010 12 core Mac Pro
Time to upgrade.
Stay Mac or go PC?
I work at 96k.
Use lots of plugins.
Will buy the new Antelope Audio Orion 32+ Gen 3
Help me buy the right machine to keep up with new releases etc
Thanks in advance.
Question to ask yourself is are you going to stay with the HDX card? There's nothing in the current Mac line that has card slots.

Is the Orion going to handle all your I/O? If so you do know you'll only have 32 channels when running with the USB connection. You need Thunderbolt for the full capabilities of the Orion.

Depending on the answers to those questions like others are saying stay with what you have until the new Mac Pros come out. Something that would help your performance is to have your system drive as an ssd in one of the pcie slots if you have a free one (not knowing what your system drive is now). Would certainly be a lot cheaper than getting an iTrashcan and an expansion chassis for that HDX card.
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