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Originally Posted by buddybean View Post
Hey thanks for your suggestions.

I found that I once I had downloaded ASIO4All v2 again. I when into Setup and playback engine and found that I could set the playback engine to ASIO4all and I have sound in pro tools!
Which is great!
BUT I still have no sound on my computer anywhere else.
Any suggestions?
Once again(for Windows users, anyway), its going to make your life much better if you bite the bullet and buy a "real" interface for Pro Tools use(Behringer, Presonus and Focusrite all have inexpensive choices). That way, you can set Windows to use the on-board sound card for its "Default Playback Device", your interface serves Pro Tools, only(which means you should have sound from everything).

Now if you are wishing to have all sounds come out of 1 set of speakers, that can be done in many ways, such as:
(BEST)-add a monitor/source switcher to your setup(love my Presonus Central Station)
(CHEAPEST)- feed both the interface outputs and the computer sound outputs to 2 sets of inputs on one of the many mini-mixers on the market(Behringer, Alto, Alesis, etc)and connect the mixer outputs to your monitors. You can get a mixer with enough inputs for around $40-50 these days(and the technology has gotten so good and so cheap that you'll be hard-pressed to hear anything bad with this, as long as you leave EQ knobs at flat and keep "gain staging" so nothing gets over-driven)
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