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Default Re: Would either of these be ok for a record/playback session drive

I use Carbon Copy Cloner and clone to/from the T5 as well as HDD for archive/backup (these SSDs are probably not great for long term-storage).

Things to watch out for are making sure you have recovery partitions if you want them and they contain what you want to recover to. And I think itís OK to use APFS on external SSDs,... as long as any Mac system you may need to mount them on supports APFS. (I am now only using APFS for all my working SSDs, HFS+ for HDD archives).

I have the 2017 MBP high-end config and recently did a full clean Mojave install with 2018.10 and have found no issues.... but I am making light work on it at the moment setting up some Superior Drummer VI tracks.
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