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Default Re: Would either of these be ok for a record/playback session drive

I hear what you say mate...... But Darryl didn’t get a chance to reply so your info is new for for for for for phew ME! Puff puff excuse me for asking... I have no idea what Darryl does sorry for not knowing.

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
As stated many many many ... phew ... times here the info regarding recording to an external drive these days is old. Why would you use a slower ext drive when the int drive is a way better alternative? You can use an ext drive for sample libraries and backup stuff but for the MBP (we have the same) for travels etc we have sessions upwards of 150-175 tracks with loads of plugins and VI with automations everywhere and the new MBP just huns along. I would say much faster and more sable than our studio machines which are Mac Pro trashcans so as Darryl said (who is THE goto guys here for anything drive related) use the όber fast internal drive for recording as it will be a great option for what you do.

I would let Darryl set up everything computer related in our $m dollar studio in a heartbeat as he really knows his stuff. Intrust him explicitly when it comes to drives and computer tech and would not hessitate to hire his skillz if he were closer in the world .. and pay accordingly of course so trust his wisdom and your recording life will be a better place.

He was one of the first people who helped me here on the forum back in 2011 when I became a member and that was when the SSD drives first started to come into play for us atleast and I followed his advice and everything was gravey after that.
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