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Default Re: Would either of these be ok for a record/playback session drive

Unless you absolutely need more space just record to your MBP internal SSD. (assuming this is for the MBP... BTW a Thunderbolt drive has the disadvantage of your MBP dies you likely can't read it on the Toshiba laptop).

Those are a NVMe PCIe 3 x 4 card similar to what is inside the G-Technology Thunderbolt 3 drive you are looking at, and so fast all the old rules about having a separate audio drive don't apply, and have not for many years as long as you have a PCIe based SSD.

If you want high-end/trusted SATA external SSD, the go-to drive is probably the Samsung T5. That's a Samsung SATA drive talking USB 3.1 Gen 2 (so 10 Gbit/sec USB, that is then limited by the SATA controller). I own several and use them for extra sample storage etc. audio/session data is always recorded to the boot/system drive on my MBP.

If you really need an external PCIe/NVMe SSD then the G-Technology drive is probably a good one, they have a SanDisk Extreme Pro M.2 drive inside, and they are pretty good (

Another similar product is the Sonnet Fusion SSD drives (nothing to do with Apple's Fusion drives) they also have a 4x PCIe/NVMe SSD internally. And being Sonnet should be pretty high quality. They were early in the market and have the usual Sonnet tax.
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