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Default Problem when opening PT 9 session in PT 11.3

Hello All,

I just upgraded from Pro Tools 9 to the latest Pro Tools 11.3.0

I called my sales rep to make sure there wouldn't be any issues opening up a PT version 9 session as I still had one album I need to finish for a commercial label.

This was the best time for me to change over as I just completed three records and had a small window before I get swamped with editing.

Basically the new software is running on a new quad-core Mac I7 with 16 gigs of ram and SSD drive running Max OSX Yosemite. It seems stable and I've had no crashes or glitches since I installed the new PT software last night.


Basically, I opened up a version 9 project which I was in the middle of editing.
Everything opened and loaded. The waveforms and fades took a while to generate as there were hours of takes to choose from.

All crossfades seem to be there with no missing segments. However...........
When I took a listen, the edits are all over the place and go to and from takes from completely different files from the same sessions.

I also noticed that a new version of the session was saved as .ptx
I'm assuming this is because it was a version 9 session and it won't automatically save to version 11.

I really did wait as long as possible until most of my projects were complete because a foresaw a possible issue and didn't want to lose any editing work but alas, I gave up my 9 license and I'm completely screwed and will lose at least 3 or 4 days of editing work if I can't figure out how to fix this.

Not the end of the world mind you, but a huge pain in my ass.

One thing I did do however was save my original edit session in version 9. Can I simply convert it to a PT 11 session (after making a copy of course) instead of just opening the 9 session in version 11 and hoping for the best?

Many thanks for any insight. I'm not giving up hope.
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