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Default Re: RME HDSPe/Digiface Sample Rate

I have to shut down and restart Pro Tools when I change buffer sizes in my RME HDSP control panel. Just another in a series of weaknesses that Pro Tools software has compared to other software.

I think Avid's marketing must have decided that Pro Tools software would work just enough with 3rd party interfaces, but enough to frustrate users. This genius strategy I suspect was designed to get people to dump their 3rd party interfaces and use a full Avid system.

Avid's software developers cannot be so stupid as not being able to work with people like RME and other 3rd party developers to have Asio Direct Monitoring and cooperative buffer size changes between Pro Tools software and 3rd party interface. It has to be a designed marketing choice. Does Cubase have better software designers? I doubt it.

For me, who has spent tons of money on gear, I'll never buy anything from Avid again. They could have made my life easier, but chose not to thinking they'd make more money down the road. Not happening for me and I suspect a whole lot of other people.
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