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Default Re: How do I use sampled drums on Pro Tools?

Originally Posted by Dillon Ribeiro View Post
Thanks Mark

After purchasing the software addictive drums on my Windows 10, Intel Core i7 PC. Do I connect my td-3 module via midi to my PC? (with some sort of cable which goes from Midi to PC input, or do I need another device?

So basically, do i just connect my roland pads into the td-3 module, and then from the module to the PC or where?

To answer your questions you really should take a look at the manual for your Roland system. It should have all you need to setup things with the computer. The Roland may have both traditional round 5 pin MIDI connections in which case you need a MIDI interface to go between the module and computer. It might also have a USB connection to connect to the computer. Once again the manual will have the info you need.

Then you'll need to see if Addictive Drums has a mapping preset that works with the Roland module. If it doesn't have a specific mapping it should have a General MIDI mapping and the Roland should have that mapping available as well. Once again - the manual to the rescue.
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