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Default Re: How do I use sampled drums on Pro Tools?

Originally Posted by Mark Ziebarth View Post
You need to buy a sample drum software instrument like Addictive Drums. As well you need to connect your Roland module via Midi with the computer to send trigger signals. You can use Addictive Drums as a Plug-in in Pro Tools on an Instrument Track. In Addictive Drums you can choose your Roland set to get reasonable results. Thatís the general setup.


Thanks Mark

After purchasing the software addictive drums on my Windows 10, Intel Core i7 PC. Do I connect my td-3 module via midi to my PC? (with some sort of cable which goes from Midi to PC input, or do I need another device?

So basically, do i just connect my roland pads into the td-3 module, and then from the module to the PC or where?

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