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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

I just donít understand how they are justifying this considering the price and capability of the competition. Pro Tools is no longer ďthe industry standardĒ as most of the industry (music-wise) has moved onto project studios where many are using other DAWs. Pro Tools users really havenít gotten much innovation at all since Pro Tools 12 released. For vanilla users, we mostly got a bunch of hand-me-down features from HD. And sorry to say, no one is using CC. And most of us more experienced users are not using tech support. Iíve been a Pro Tools user since 2008 and have yet to call tech support at all.

Logic Pro is still fixed at $199. Studio One is fixed at $399. Reaper is $60. Cubase is fixed at $550. Yet we have paid more than all of these since 12 and have gotten barely any ground breaking features to this day. And now we are being asked to pay double for the same slow service. Blows my mind.

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