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Default Re: How to use HDX Card, when GCard takes both power connectors...

Originally Posted by TrackerLe View Post
Hi everyone...

I want to buy and use a HDX Card for my HD Setup...
The problem is, i have a GTX980 in my 12 core Macpro, which uses
2 6 pin connectors....

This means, i have no free Power connector for HDX Card...

What should i do.... Pls help...

Is it possible to use a Sata Port as powersource for the HDX Card...
If so, which adapter cable do i need...

thx for help
I just posted this in another thread. This is what you need: . Plug it into one of your MacPro power connections and use both ends on your video card. That leaves you one power connection left to plug your HDX card power cable into, which will run up to three HDX cards. I am using it this way with no issues whatsoever.
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