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Default FS: Misc. iLok licenses

Have a few old and current iLok licenses for sale.
Please, send reasonable offers via private message in EUR currency and add iLok transfer fee of 22,-- EUR per license.


Auto-Tune 4 (TDM)
Auto-Tune 4 TDM Production Suite
Auto-Tune 7 Native (32-bit)
AVOX Choir (32-bit) x2
AVOX Duo (32-bit) x2
AVOX Punch (32-bit) x2
AVOX Sybil (32-bit) x2
AVOX Throat (32-bit) x2

Avid / Bomb Factory

Bomb Factory BF-3A (3 Activations) x2
BF Classic Compressors v4 (3 Activations) x2
BF Moogerfooger Bundle v4 (3 Activations) x2


Cosmonaut Voice x2
D-Fi x2
Drawmer Dynamics
Focusrite d2/d3 (3 Activations) x2
Impact (3 Activations)
JoeMeek SC2 Compressor (3 Activations) x2
JoeMeek SC2 Mequalizer (3 Activations) x2
Pro Tools HD 7
Pro Tools HD 7.2
Prosoniq Orange Vocoder (RTAS)
Purple Audio MC77
Reel Tape Delay (3 Activations)
Reel Tape Flanger (3 Activations)
Reverb One (3 Activations)
SansAmp PSA-1
Slightly Rude Compressor
Smack! (3 Activations)
SoundReplacer (3 Activations)
Space (3 Activations)
Space (TLL Products) (AAX/RTAS)
Synchronic x2
Tel-Ray Variable Delay (3 Activations)
TL AutoPan
TL Drum Rehab
TL EveryPhase


DUY EverPack Native 3.5 (+ €20 DUY transfer fee, license can be upgraded to current version for an additional €111,80)
DUY Magic Spectrum & MagicEQ Bundle (TDM+Native)


Clockworks Legacy


SOLD Elixir v3 (2 Activations)


RX 3
RX 5
Stutter Edit v1.x

MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn)

MachFive for Macintosh v1
MachFive v2


Analog Channel HD
Channel G HD
Chrome Tone HD
CompressorBank HD
FilterBank HD
MC2000 HD
Revolver Native
Synth One HD (TDM only)

Metric Halo

SOLD ChannelStrip v3


PitchDoctorHD 3.1.2
PurePitchHD 3.1.2
SoundBlenderHD 3.1.2
SpeedHD 1.5.6


SOLD SSL4000 (TDM) v8
H-Delay (TDM/Native) v8
Q10 (TDM/Native) v8
L2 (TDM/Native) v7
Q10 (TDM/Native) v7

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