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Default New to PT, use as Final Delivery still standard?

Hello, new to the Forum, and new to Pro tools..

I think I need Pro Tools for final delivery as I am doing more and more TV, and Ad work (music scoring) and PT is still a must, even though I use a bit of Ableton (Sound Design), Logic, FL Studio, and Reaper which is close, but obviously isn't PT when it comes to delivering sessions.

This maybe a stupid question but does anyone else 'compile' audio from various DAW's, like an old school 24-track tape machine, (so you can pick a bit of each and their strengths) and compile them all into a Pro tools session at separate times?

It may sound daft, but I don't really see anyone else doing this, as it mostly seems to be just Logic etc. Maybe I'm wrong?

But I would like to 'compile' in Protools as final delivery, but use it as a big Tape Recorder (with no sync to any other DAW but same tempo audio) so that i can play a few sounds or tracks/loops from Ableton, (record into PT), then load Logic, with its Instruments, and fx, (record into PT), maybe even play some piano live on a Pro tools track/take? and so on... maybe people are doing this?... or not, as there's flaws to it?

So then this way everything at the end is in one place and in Audio in PT, and you can edit, manipulate audio, and sync it perfectly to a video/film, for sound design and/or composition. My 'brain' seems to work quicker when working on one thing at a time, and moving on, and mixing separately at the end, instead of doing it all at once.

This is why i am looking at Pro tools Standard as a 'tape recorder' to do this with? Also can i ask if PT still needs an iLok these days?

Hope this post makes sense, or am I way off the mark? - sorry am new :)
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