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Default Re: A little help, please: What hardware gear for PT + LOGIC + KONTAKT?

Thank you again for these answers.
OK, so, Regarding the audio interface, I'm about sold on the apollo twin, though probably the quad one. I will probably try to do without any I/O extension as yet. A little question:
1)Would a twin duo (900) + a satellite (=1570 altogether for 6 cores) be a better deal than the twin quad (1300) or does the duo represent some intrinsic loss of two cores I may regret later on in case of cascading? (remember: I'm buying this new equipment for the long run and worry a bit about what some call "the ageing dsp's of apollo")
2)Why do you call the 1TB internal flash drive solution the cleaner one? Will i have to partition it? I would have thought that going for as many separate external drives as I have tasks to do (samples + video rushes ssd/audio + video-copies-for-editing ssd/rendering and backup ssd) would be a cleaner setup, i.e not mingling with the OS and software internal drive (?)
3) I've read that third party memory RAM sticks should not be added to the built-in memory of Apple. So, can I buy 16GB only and add them to my preexisting 16 gb or buy 32 and scrap the "old" 16gb ?
4) there does not seem to be a website devoted to final cut pro X like Avid's on PT. I've read that videos should be rendered on an independent drive. Is this true (then I should have 4 external drives...)
5)Would you confirm that audio editing in Logic is way less handy as in PT
6)Regarding Logic again, I've bumped into this:"Word of advice, if you are using Logic on one computer only, DO NOT COPY anything (samples, ultrabeat samples,etc.) into your project. This doubles up on space and just wastes your storage capacity." What the heck is this guy about if samples happen to sit on their own drive... Don't understand...

So, those questions may be minor, but if you've got a couple more minutes to waste, well, think about me. Thank you anyway.
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