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Default Re: A little help, please: What hardware gear for PT + LOGIC + KONTAKT?

Hello again

First of all, thanks to all those who answered (and some of them did so in details, as VRW who wrote an incredibly comprehensive reply, thank you so much!). Some email alerts happened not to have worked properly + I neglected to answer the little that worked + I was busy with my purchase and some work:
In the end, I've bought the hexacore 16gb mac pro since its price was 4000, against 4700 for a sauced up imac (though I might have gone for an imac, had I been warned of musicman's and VRW's replies). I've added a 350 4K screen that I've not received yet. I had no time to unpack the mac pro eiher since I have some back work to do with my old setup. Anyway, maybe I've done the wrong choice altogether.
There remain a few questions now:
1) Should I get some ram memory up to 32Gb, or 64 GB? (reminder: PT, Logic, and some video too, but independently, i.e only with the audio mixes)
2) I plan to use the 256Gb ssd for installing the softwares: PT, Logic, Final cut pro (or some other video thing). Is any upgrade to 512 or 1 Tb needed?
3) If I understand correctly, I may need three external ssd's : 1)audio in thunderbolt 2)sample library in thunderbolt 3)backup system. What about the video rushes, and copies for video montage and editing? Where should all of these be placed?
4)Audio interface: some of you ask what kind of music I'll be recording: I'll have to record jazz/soul/r'nb vocals that usually stand out of the mix in some old "Tony Braxton or Brian Mc Knight way". Probably no rock/pop of any sorts. + I'm a bit confused as to the number of I/O on a apollo twin mk2. I've been used to having multiple ins on my old digidesign001. I understand that most sound banks are now virtual and embarked on the computer, but what if I miss some of both my old S5000 akai or roland juno stage? I have two pairs of speakers too that I'd like to switch from and to. That's why I recently looked toward a focusrite clarett 4 or 8, but I know that some imac users have pops and clicks with it (what about mac pros though?). Of course, VRW's strong advice for apollo could make me reconsider. But an apollo 8 quad is 2700, which makes a huge price gap, and it does not have a midi I/O. Can an apollo mk2 be extended to more I/Os without comprimising on sound quality?
So, maybe these points I'd failed to make initially will give some of you some fine tuned idea of my needs. Thank you again if you can help me.
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