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Default Re: Win 10 won't switch between PC & MBox 3 clock.

Originally Posted by EGS View Post
Do not use your audio I/O box for system sound.
This^^^ has been the recommended setup for Windows users for as long as I can remember(going back to PT6 anyway). Now if you want all sound to come out of a single set of speakers, there are several ways to do that, such as:

1-(the cheap way) get a tiny mixer(Behringer, Mackie, Alto) that has at least 2 stereo inputs. Outputs from your interface and computer sound card plug into the mixer and the mixer feeds the speakers(under $50). Advantage: cheap and you can hear both sources together.

2-(the right way) get a monitor/source switcher(Presonus Monitor station, Mackie Big Knob, Audient Nero, etc). Advantage; adds talk-back and allows for several sets of speakers, and may allow for a digital connection(but does cost more). I run the optical SPDIF out of my PC and it sounds equal to my interface, where the mini TRS output of the computer sounds crappy.

For a home studio, the cheap mixer is just fine. For a studio with paying clients, go the "pro" route
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